Why Choose A Fiberglass Pool Over a Concrete Pool?

Why Choose A Fiberglass Pool Over a Concrete Pool?

One of the most important decisions to make when looking for a swimming pool is the type of the pool. Fiberglass, vinyl liners, and concrete pools are the three most common types. In this blog post, we’ll examine why a fiberglass pool is better than a concrete pool.

Fast Installation

Because the pool shell is already built and brought to your home for installation, a composite fiberglass swimming pool, such as the ones we offer at PENTARM GROUP, may be installed significantly faster than a concrete pool. A fiberglass pool can be easily installed within a few days, while a concrete pool can take multiple weeks and, in some cases, months to complete. Remember that your backyard will be in disarray and unattractive while your swimming pool is being installed, so a shorter installation period is desirable.

Longevity and Durability

We believe that fiberglass pools should last between 15 years to a lifetime, and at PENTARM GROUP, we stand behind our durability. That’s why we offer the world’s leading fiberglass swimming pools and give an unbeatable structural warranty on traditional and unlimited fiberglass pools. We believe that pool owners should have confidence in the strength and durability of their pool. Most fiberglass pools last longer than concrete pools if installed by a professional team.

Maintenance & Care

A fibreglass pool is less difficult to keep clean. This is because a concrete pool is porous, which means there is more algae to deal with and more chemicals to use. In addition, maintaining pH levels in a concrete pool is more challenging since concrete raises the pH of the water. Our iGUi pools Gelcoat is not only attractive, but it is also non-porous and does not leak anything into the pool water, making it a simpler swimming pool to maintain. It’s also resistant to UV, blisters, and chemicals.

Style & Aesthetics

There is no definitive answer because everyone has their own tastes and preferences. At PENTARM GROUP, on the other hand, we strive to offer pools that are strikingly attractive and will transform a homeowner’s backyard into a tranquil and picturesque setting. Our pools come in various styles, from sleek and futuristic to soft, luxurious with the world’s best tiles, and are jam-packed with features. Our shell and tile colours allow customers to select the hue that best complements their home and outdoor space.

What Now?

Now is a perfect moment for you to become an owner of a fiberglass swimming pool. Get in touch with PENTARM GROUP today to speak with the industry’s top specialists and choose the pool of your dream.


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