Sliding Screen Door

Sliding Screen Door
Sliding Screen Door
Sliding Screen Door
Sliding Screen Door
Sliding Screen Door


  1. Application: Residential, Commercial
  2. Surface: Powder coating grey
  3. Glass: Single, double, triple, tinted, low-e etc
  4. Grade: 6063 Aluminum Alloy
  5. Thickness: 2.0mm
  6. Specification: Custom
  7. Mosquito net: Nylon or stainless steel

Product Advantage


Residential system: Section width 50/55mm

Commercial system: Section width 100mm (Very Popular)

Euro thermal break: 55/65/80/90/120mm (Good insulation)

Hurricane impact: 100mm profile+Steel liner+Professional SGP glass

Alu-profile thickness:

Windows: 1.4-1.8mm

Doors: 2.0mm

For some part of weight supporting can meet 3mm-4mm

SURFACE TREATMENT: Powder Coat, Anodized, Wood grain

With 10/15/20/25 years warranty, meet different project requirements

3. HARDWARE German brand: Siegenia,GU, Roto/ 10 years warranty Australia brand: Doric/7 years warranty Chinese brand: KIN LONG, CMECH, HOPO /3-5 years warranty

4. GLASS Thickness: 5mm/6mm/8mm/22mm/24mm/28mm/32mm/42mm

5.Color: Clear, Tint, Reflective, Frosted, LOW-E Type: Single/ double/triple glass, air/argon filled, laminated

6. STRUCTRE SIUATION/GLUE American brand Dow Corning, German brand Weiss

7. FLY SCREEN/NET/MESH Fiberglass, Stainless steel, Bi-fold screen, Retractable mesh

Pentarm x Sainty has its own custom section to provide you with custom made design and solutions for aluminum profile die. Till today, we had manufactured more than 6000 types of aluminum profile extrusion die. We are capable to provide you a series of processes of die production, proofing and mass production. This allows us to provide more flexible custom-made services and reduce the production costs in the mean time control the product quality.

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Sliding Screen Door
Sliding Screen Door

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Sliding Screen Door
Sliding Screen Door

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