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Sea Port Aluminum Railing

Sea Port Aluminum Railing


  1. Usage: Industrial, Commercial, Residential
  2. Hardness: Customers’ Requirement
  3. Color: Customized
  4. Material Grade: 6000 series
  5. Wall Thickness: > 0.5mm
  6. Size: Customized
Sea port Aluminum Railing


  1. Produce Aluminium Ingot ourselves. Our city is the largest basement to produce Ingots. Based some other top ingot factory’s help, we can produce ingots in our own factory and easily to produce alloy bars like 6063,6060,6082,6453 as raw material for aluminum profiles. this production let us cut the cost on the raw material. And better to control the quality well.
  2. Already have more than 40 countries and areas moulds and familiar with the quality demands. In past 25 years, we invest the moulds to make all designs moulds to produce different profiles based different markets wanted.
  3. Extruders from 800Ton~6400 Ton covered most dimensions of the Industry profiles. Have some clients for industry profiles, one is biggest Truck Manufacturer in South Africa and one is the biggest 3D Printer Manufacturer in America. All our profile physical properties such as Hardness, Stretchability,Flatness,Straightness and Tolerance are satisfied by ASTM America Standard.
  4. CNC machining workings & Coloring. Have more than 15 CNC machines to finish milling,drilling, stamping and coloring included: sand blasting, sand polishing, acid polishing, hand polishing, blue polishing etc.
Product name Sea Port Railing
Product model HL3-4
Material Aluminum/Stainless Steel+ Crystal
Size Customized
Finished K Gold/ Red Bronze/ Green Bronze/ Champagne/ Sandblast Gold
Usage Deck Railings / Porch Railing/ Stair Railing
Color Silver/Gold
Install Floor Mounting/ Side Mounting
Bar/Tube Size Φ10mm;Φ12mm; Φ16mm; Φ38mm;Φ51mm;Φ63mm;
Bar or Tube Qty 4-12 lines
Glass  Color Clear; Brown;  Grey; Black; Supper White
Glass Size 8-12 mm
Total Height 900mm-1100mm
Sea port Aluminum Railing
Sea port Aluminum Railing
Sea port Aluminum Railing
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