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Invisible Frame Aluminum Window

Invisible Frame Aluminum Window
Invisible Frame Aluminum Window
Invisible Frame Aluminum Window
Invisible Frame Aluminum Window
Invisible Frame Aluminum Window


  1. Glass: Tempered double glass
  2. Style: Fixed or swing
  3. Color: Customized
  4. Soundproof: Yes
  5. Application: Residential, Commercial
  6. Material: Aluminum 6063
  7. Hardware: Top Quality
  8. Size: Customized


  1. Plate fixation is realized by connecting the profiles and pressing the platen;
  2. The glass and the attached frame are bonded by structural adhesive to form a whole plate, which is safe and reliable, and the plate and keel can have relative displacement. The entire system is easy to install, reliable in performance. It ensures the floating type connection, meets the various displacement requirements, and avoids the glass damage caused by structural displacement;
  3. The connection between the beam and the vertical beam adopts a telescopic structure, which meets the telescopic effect of the beam due to the effect of temperature difference, eliminates the telescopic noise of the window, and improves the seismic displacement capacity of the window
  4. The joints of all profiles are provided with an elastic rubber cushion. This elastic connection structure can absorb certain vertical and vertical frame installation error;
  5. Elastic connections are adopted at all hard contacts to improve the seismic performance of the window and eliminate the
    telescopic noise;
  6. Realize three-dimensional adjustment between the window and the main body, which not only ensures the flatness and perpendicularity of the window but also improves the anti-seismic performance of the structure;
  7. Ensure the water-tightness and air-tightness of the curtain wall by using the principle of equal pressure and structural
  8. The open window adopts a hanging connection, and a safety limit block is added to prevent the turning window from falling off. This structure has high strength, safety and reliability, and is easy to open. Moreover, the limit device is adopted to make all the Windows have the same opening Angle and ensure the external visual effect after opening. Water-retaining tape is set on the top edge of the opening window to enhance the watertight performance of the opening window and make it rainproof in the opening state.
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