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Things To Know Before Buying A Hot Tub

Maybe you have never purchased a spa or hot tub before, but you really want one. Do you have a feeling of being overwhelmed? Do you have no idea where to start? Don’t know what feature to look for in a hot tub?

Well, you don’t have to worry at all. At PENTARM GROUP, we have a professional team of hot tub specialists trained to help you choose the hot tub that is best for you.

Based on our experience of working with leading hot tub manufacturers around the world, we’d like to minimize your stress throughout the decision-making and purchase process by introducing you to our hot tub brand, Strong Spas.

While there are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a hot tub, there are 5 key questions you should ask yourself before making your purchase.

1. What is Your Main Motivation in Buying a Hot Tub?

This question gets to the core of why you want a spa or hot tub in the first place. This question is critical to answer since it directly impacts the size, style, features, and price of the hot tub you choose.

Here are some crucial points to think about when answering this question:

    • Whether it’s just primarily for you and one or two other people, or if you intend to have a large group of people soaking in the hot tub with you. This is important since a hot tub can fit from a few to seven people depending on the model you choose.
    • If you want to use the hot tub for enjoyment and relaxation, hydrotherapy, entertainment, or a combination of these things. This is crucial since it clarifies the hot tub’s purpose. Then you can pick options like the quantity and placement of hydrotherapy jets, the seating style (captain’s chair, lounger, or non-lounger), and additional features like neck jets.

2. Where Will You Put Your Hot Tub?

A flat, stable surface is all that is required for most hot hubs. But this will get you thinking about whether you have space next to your house, on a deck, whether you’ll need to lightly prepare a place (which we can do for you) and what type of access you’ll need to get in and out of the hot tub, such as built-in steps and other things. Do not be worried. Our team is ready to help you and can easily answer all your concerns/questions.

3. What Is The Budget For Your Hot Tub Purchase?

You might have a specific figure in mind — or none at all. In any case, once you’ve answered the questions about your hot tub’s use and aesthetic, you may start planning a budget for it. Our suggestion to you is always look for a high-quality hot tub, which may seem more expensive at the time of purchase. However, it will save a great amount of money over the long term due to its reliability, low maintenance costs and energy efficiency.

4. What Features In A Hot Tub Are Important To You?

Aside from the seating capacity, seating type, and the quantity and location of hydrotherapy jets, the small elements are vital to consider. Cabinet design and finish, built-in ice bucket to keep drinks cold, LED cup holders, LED air controls, MP3 Bluetooth, custom-molded waterfall, or outside LED lighting are just some of the options. And we could go on and on.

5. What Should I Look For In A Hot Tub’s Warranty And Quality?

A company’s warranty on its products says a lot about how confident it is in its craftsmanship and how much it cares about its customers’ experiences. This is why we work only with leading hot tub manufacturers like Strong Spas. The hot tubs are built with industry-leading features like their unique DURA-SHIELDTM Hardcover. Its innovative technology protects against hostile surroundings while also conserving energy. Basically, it’s made to last so you don’t have to worry about it and can focus on enjoying your hot tub.

Always ensure to review the warranty policy before your purchase and that the place you buy the hot tub from provides you with a direct customer service contact to guarantee that you have a positive experience.

To give you some peace of mind about purchasing a Strong Spas Hot tub, here’s some basic background information:

  • All our hot tub models go through over 100 quality control inspections at the manufacturing plant, so we know how to look after our hot tub customers.
  • To assure the optimum functioning of our spas and hot tubs, we have developed our network of specialists, delivery, electricians, and technicians.
  • All of our Strong Spas hot tubs and spas are made in Pennsylvania at the industry’s leading manufacturer plant, Strong Spas.

Get Your Dream Hot Tub

We hope that these few questions will aid you in deciding whether or not to purchase a hot tub. As previously stated, we offer North America’s best-selling hot tubs from America’s favorite hot tub brand. Take the next step with PENTARM GROUP now that we’ve got you started. For further information, click here.


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