Hot Tub Energy Efficiency Tips

Hot Tub Energy Efficiency Tips

The goal for hot tub owners is to relax, have fun, and experience a pleasant, therapeutic soak. When it comes to hydrotherapy, we’re quite sure a spike in your power bill isn’t the goal. 

We’ve got some easy-to-follow techniques for you to help you not panic out when it comes to bill-paying time — at least when it comes to electricity bill-paying time.

The Cover Is Everything

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When you’re attempting to keep your house warm during the icy grip of winter, you don’t leave a window cracked and let the chilly air in. It’s the same with your spa. You might as well watch your power meter spin round and round faster if you have a loose-fitting or inexpensive cover. 

High-quality covers like the Dura-ShieldTM spa hard covers from Strong Spas are highly durable and engineered to provide the best protection and thermal efficiency. Closed-cell foam insulates them completely. What’s the end result? The heat is kept in, and the cold is kept out. It’ll save you a lot of money on your electric bill.

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 It’s Nice To Have A Light Breeze. Not A Wind.

When the wind blows over your heated spa, it cools it down. It can also function as an evaporator. As a result, you’ll need to add more water and reheat it. Wind can potentially seep into your spa if it isn’t properly sealed, which might reduce its heating capacity. Consider putting up a windbreak around your tub to keep the wind at bay. A windbreak, whether it’s a fence, privacy panels, a hedge, or anything else, might help your spa run more efficiently.

Saving Two Degrees

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Two degrees isn’t a lot. However, it turns out that it can make a significant difference in the energy consumption of your spa. Spas may be heated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, simply lowering the temperature of your spa to 102 degrees will use less energy to heat the water. Will you notice the difference of two degrees? The only way to find out is to give it a shot.

Hot Tub Control Settings Can Help Save Energy

Another simple option to save electricity is to reduce the spa’s settings. If it appears obvious, it is. When you’re not using your spa, such as when you’re away or on vacation, you can turn it off. In the summer, you can also lower the temperature.

Final Note

We hope that these few basic but important tips will help you save money and energy.

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Our hot tubs are among North America’s most energy-efficient models from America’s favorite brand, Strong Spas.


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