Cost of building a cheap home gym

Cost of Building A DIY Home GYM

If you’re wondering how much a home gym costs, you’re probably hoping it won’t be extremely costly. Fortunately for you, that’s an area where we can definitely assist you! If you want to build a cheap home gym, continue reading this blog to explore how affordable a great home gym can be.

In summary, if you’re on a tight budget, you can easily build a cheap home gym with a budget of less than $1,500 up to $6,000 for a complete DIY home gym.

Alternatively, if you’re prepared to spend more money on a home gym and want to fill it with as much equipment as possible, we can assist you there as well.

Here are PENTARM GROUP‘s three price paths for DIY home gyms, so you can truly understand ‘how much does a home gym cost?’

To better understand what each of these 3 pricing pathways includes, refer to our previous blog, “The Essentials of a Great Home Gym”. Also, click here to review our blog on finding the best space for building a gym in your home.

#1 – Level 1 Home Gym (Budget: Less than $1,500 )

We’ll show you how much you can anticipate spending on a cheap home gym when you only buy the essentials as an example of how affordable it can be.

This path contains the following:

  • Dumbbells
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Mat

Here’s what you can anticipate paying for a cheap home gym that includes everything you need, based on the precise kinds of equipment we included plus some other internet alternatives.

Lower Price: $600

Higher Price: $1,350

As you can see, this is a fairly good price and not too expensive when you consider how much a gym membership might cost you over the course of a year.

If the average gym membership in Canada is $48 per month, that works out at around $576.00 per year. The transportation cost would also be between $3 – $7 depending on how many time you go to gym and the way you get there for a total of $468 – $1,092 per year.

After your one-time cost to set up your gym, you’ll be saving that amount per year if you build a cheap home gym. That’s plenty for a vacation in another country!

Also, consider that you can get some of these low-cost home gym equipment used online, potentially lowering the cost.

#2 – A Low-Cost Home Gym with Extras (Budget: Less than $3,500 )

If you’re wondering how much a home gym costs, keep reading. Don’t be concerned when you throw in some of the more complicated pieces of equipment.

When it comes to establishing a home gym, PENTARM GROUP’s second path comprises the following:

  • Barbell
  • Plates
  • Squat rack
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine balls
  • Skipping rope
  • Punchbag and boxing gloves

So, how much does it ultimately cost when it’s all put together?

Lower Cost: $1,765

Higher Cost: $3,475

We used the higher amount from the previous pathway to calculate an estimated price for our second cheap home gym pathway, assuming that you would want to add extra equipment on top of the bare needs.

Hopefully, we’ve given you a good estimate of what you’ll want to include in your own low-cost home gym, but feel free to make any changes you want!

NOTE: Pricing for kettlebells and medicine balls is tough to estimate because it depends on the brand, the material they’re made of, the weight you want to buy, and other factors, but we’ve supplied the best estimate we could for individuals putting together a home gym.

#3 – Complete Home Gym (Budget: Less than $5,500)

We’ve kept this path as a low-cost home gym because you’ll save a lot of money over time, but it’s not for people wanting to spend less than $3,000.

The complete home gym option is for individuals who want to replicate the gym as closely as possible in their own house while staying within a budget. In a nutshell, it entails professional equipment as well as a few more amenities for your own comfort and delight.

All of the above-mentioned equipment, including:

  • Treadmill
  • Spin Bike
  • Gym Flooring
  • Mirrors
  • Mini Fridge

Let’s see how much it all adds up to when everything is rounded up:

Lower Cost: $3,100

Higher Cost: $5,495

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to save money when constructing a home gym. A pool and a pulley machine aren’t required in every home gym.

For about $1,000 to $6,000 you can build a cheap home gym with everything you need for an excellent workout at home, including some luxuries. If you ask us, it’s not awful!

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Final Note

No matter how tight your budget is, there is always a way you can build a great home gym at home. It all comes down to your needs and how often you sue the gym. You can save a great amount of money in the long term by investing a little bit of money into quality products today and building the gym of your dream right at your house. If you need a specialist to help you with this matter, contact PENTARM GROUP, one of the leading construction holdings in Canada.


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