Sainty Canada Curtain Wall

Facade Aluminum Curtain Wall

Facade Curtain Wall
Facade Curtain Wall
Facade Curtain Wall
Facade Curtain Wall
Facade Curtain Wall


  1. Type: Curtain wall
  2. Glass: Customized
  3. Application: Residential, Commercial
  4. Function: Watertight
  5. Frame: Exposed/Visible
  6. Gasket: EPDM
  7. Profile: 2.0*3.2mm
  8. Surface: Powder coating
  9. Hardware: Top Quality Brand
  10. Size: Customized

Component of Insulated Glass

Glass: Single glass thick can be 3mm to 12mm, Sun Global Glass process by using top-grade float glass. Spacer: Insulated glass utilizes air or argon spacer to separate the glass panes where they meet at the edges. These spacers usually have some sort of desiccant to absorb moisture between the panes and prevent fogging.

Glass sealant: Insulated glass needs to be sealed twice; the first seal is usually used, Butyl Adhesive. For the second seal, Sun Global Glass uses quality structural silicone sealant for the facade glass and silicone sealant for the window glass. Molecular sieves: The function of molecular sieves is to absorb moisture from the air in the argon/air spacer. Molecular sieves should not be exposed to air for more than 4 hours, if they are exposed for more than 4 hours, they will absorb moisture from the air, and the glass will fog. Thus, Sun Global Glass finish production within 4 hours to avoid fog.

Facade Curtain Wall


  1. Thermal performance
  2.  Energy-saving building materials
  3.  Sound insulating
  4.  No dewing in low temperature
  5. Create aesthetic scene to building
Facade Curtain Wall

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Facade Curtain Wall
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