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Guide to Home Renovation

In North America, most people will go through several minor and major renovation projects in their lifetime. Therefore, it is important for people to learn the principles of a renovation project. Many people have a hard time going through a renovation project and do not enjoy the process at all. This usually happens as a result of poor budget planning and dealing with unreliable contractors. A renovation project should actually start well before you call a contractor to receive an estimation. It is better to start by doing some research on your house and neighbourhood. The more you know about your house, the better you will be able to prepare for the renovation. Looking at other houses in your neighbourhood would help you identify unique opportunities that would make your house stand out after the renovation.

After you are done with your own research about the house, the next step is to find several reliable contractors and compare your options. It is always best if you provide your contractors with an idea of how you would like your house to look. Ask your contractors for their portfolios, take a look at their reviews and how they treat you throughout the proposal stage. Having open and transparent communication is essential in a renovation project since it allows both sides to understand each other’s points.

Planning Renovation

Essential Things You Must Do Before Starting a Renovation Project

The best place to start is by knowing the age, design, and model of your home, whether it was built on a custom or a standard design. Also, you should find out whether any major renovation was done in the past. If you are considering adding an addition to your house or want to make any major structural changes, make sure to check whether are any restrictions or not. If any permit is required, you may ask your contractor to apply for it. Having a good understanding of the zoning laws is very important, especially if you consider renovating the exterior of your house.

Create a Budget for Your Project

In order to create an accurate budget for your remodelling project, you need to start by finding answers to a few questions. First, you need to identify how much of the house requires remodelling. Are you considering interior renovation, exterior renovation or both? What is the purpose of the project? Are you planning to sell the house in the future or not?

The next step is to contact several contractors, review their preliminary plans and ask them for detailed estimation of the project. Some contractors tend not to provide their customers with an accurate estimation at the beginning of the project. Since renovation projects may include significant hidden fees, it is critical to deal with contractors who provide you with a proper estimation.

Design Planning the Project

First, you have to figure out if you plan to stay in the house during the renovation or leave the house. Share your needs and personal tastes with your contractor, architect and designer. Let them know whether you want a traditional, classical, modern or minimalistic looking house. This would allow the renovation team to provide you with a design that meets all your expectations. Make sure to ask the contractor about the details of how long each part of the renovation would take to finish and get it in writing. This would be a reference in the future in case contractors do not stick to their promises.

Make sure that your renovation team is professional, experienced and follows all the regulations. It is essential always to double-check whether the contractors are licensed and whether they have insurance or not. Having a licensed contractor is necessary for certain jobs, such as electrical work and HVAC Installation.

After Renovation: What to Expect? 

Your renovation project is not finished until everything is inspected and approved. Your renovation team should ensure that everything in your home is functioning properly before leaving the house. Some of the things your contractors must check before leaving your house is plumbing, wiring, HVAC and roofing. Keep the documentation of your warranty in case something happens in the future and also have a plan for ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the house.

A reliable company like PENTARM will take care of all your needs from the beginning of the project to the end through professional design, management and customer service.


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