Differences Between Major and Minor Renovations

major vs minor renovation

It is hard for households to know whether they are going through a major renovation or a minor one. Knowing the difference between the two is essential not only for yourself but also when talking to a contractor. But what is the difference and why should you know about it? Take a few minutes and read on so that you are better prepared for a renovation project.

“Knowing how to separate the major things from the minor ones in a renovation would help you save time, money and energy.”

Major Renovations

These are renovations that are usually more expensive, time-consuming and designed to make a significant change in the house. Let’s say you plan to completely change your kitchen and bathroom and start designing and building them from scratch. It may require structural changes to the house, relocating the walls, or adding an addition. When a contractor asks you what you want to keep in this bathroom and you respond absolutely nothing, you are up for a major renovation. If this is the case, your project may require a structural engineer’s approval and a building permit from the City Council. If you are located in Toronto and would like to get more information on this matter, review the City’s information for Interior Alterations. If your project requires demolition, it will most likely fall into the major renovation category.

Why Should You Consider a Major Home Renovation?

In Ontario, Households tend to focus on renovating kitchens, bathrooms and basements more than any other part of the house. Kitchens, bathrooms, and basement renovations have the highest ROI and add the most value to your house. For example, a good walkout basement allows you to rent out your basement, which could recover your money and be a steady source of income. You do not want to spend your money on something that does not bring value to you. For major renovations, you should consider taking to reputable renovation companies to minimize your risks. That is why PENTARM offers households a FREE collaborative consultation to their customers with designs and plans that would increase their home value.

Minor Renovations

Minor renovation is mostly when you keep the structure as it is and upgrade the final look. In other words, it happens when you want to rejuvenate and refresh the look of a room. If you compare renovations to surgeries, a major renovation is when you go through heart surgery and get a new heart. On the other hand, a minor renovation is when you get a hair transplant.

Why Should You Consider a Minor Home Renovation?

Some of the jobs involved in a minor renovation are changing the tiles, cabinets, backsplash, painting the house, and some of the home automation upgrades. Minor renovations are usually much cheaper and less time consuming than major ones. However, depending on the material you choose and the look you want to get, the cost may increase significantly. At PENTARM, we offer many households our professional advice as to which minor renovation can upgrade the look of their house and increase its value for FREE. If you plan to sell your house, a minor renovation is a great option that would increase your home’s value and make it stand out in the market.

Which One Is More Important?

Major and minor renovations are totally different, but both are equally important at the right time and place. It is always good to get a professional real estate or construction company’s advice, whether a renovation or a simple upgrade would add value to your house. A good renovation is when you can create your dream house at an affordable price with the right team.


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