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Aluminum Tilt Window

Aluminum Tilt Window


  1. Location:: Residential, Commercial
  2. Glass: DGU(5+12A+5)
  3. Certificate: CSA
  4. Waterproof: Yes
  5. U-value: 1.4
  6. Surface: Powder coating/Brush
  7. Hardware: Germany
  8. Windproof rating: Level 7
  9. Air Leakage: <0.4cfm/ft.
  10. Size: Customized

Manufacturing Process

ST78 Aluminum tilt and turn window is designed for Bedroom and living room. Good lighting and strong air permeability. Glass is double tempered.

Have many different style colors to match your room decoration. And quality is our biggest advantage.

Holes- Punching

  • Punching hole for silicone
  • Punching hole drainage hole
  • Punching Hole for handle.
  • Punching lock groove

Additional Information

About the hardware:

The high-quality hardware accessories are:

  • Durable
  • Humanized design of the operating handle
  • Beautiful and comfortable
  • Easy and flexible to open
  • Each user action has been tested
  • Fatigue test times are more than tens of thousands of times
  • Sliding is easy and silent
  • The mature and perfect door/window processing technology
  • Precise program control processing center for production
  • The quality is stable and guaranteed
  • Waterproof function

The structured drainage system is designed using the principle of pressure balance, the design is sloped, and the drainage port ensures smooth drainage and good water tightness.

Project Case

1) Re-Design

Below are a few photos from one of our projects in the U.K.

To satisfy clients’ top-level requirements, Our team redesigned the whole aluminum grid window to keep the visible million frame width of only 57.2mm to match the 100-year-old building style.

As the below photos show, this is a 2.5-meter height Aluminium tilt and turn window, so each panel weight is over 80kgs.

In this case, we choose Germany Hardware which has a bearing of 100kgs.

Aluminum Tilt Window

2) Ventilation on window

Ventilation is popular in many projects, so we make moulds to produce Ventilation, and this is old fashion design from the United Kingdom.

As these photos show, we mill two holes in the Horizontal frame, which is about 20CM X 5CM to fit.

Aluminum Tilt Window

3) Test

To get the CE certificate and because it is a new thermal break design, we send the sample to a professional lab to test the wind pressure and soundproof.

Finally, get approval on the CE standard.

Aluminum Tilt Windows
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