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Aluminum Swing Window

Aluminum Swing Window
Aluminum Swing Window
Aluminum Swing Window
Aluminum Swing Window


  1. Location: Residential, Commercial
  2. Glass: IGU(6+12A+6)
  3. Certificate: NRFC(US)
  4. Waterproof: Yes
  5. U-value: 0.4
  6. Surface: Powder coating
  7. Gasket: EPDM
  8. Windproof rating: Level 7(13.9-17.1m/s )
  9. Air Leakage: <0.4cfm/ft
  10. Size: Customized

Processing Of Manufacturing

ST40 thermal break aluminum swing window is our flagship product. Which is suitable for installation in the villa and apartment. Glass is IGU with NFRC certificate. That is why our windows have strong performance in waterproof, windproof and air leakage.

How to install the horizontal and vertical frame?

  1. Install the connectors for the horizontal and vertical frames (arrows point to the underline).
  2. Tighten with an inner hexagonal wrench.
  3. Install connectors outside of the profile.
  4. Install water stopper.

Additional Information

Anodized Process

Oxidation coloring: The extruded aluminum alloy profile is commonly known as the substrate, and its surface corrosion resistance is not strong. It must be surface treated by anodizing to increase the aluminum material’s corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and appearance. The main process is:

(1) Pre-oxidation treatment: The surface of the profile is cleaned by chemical or physical methods, and the pure substrate is exposed, which is beneficial to obtain a complete and dense artificial oxide film. It is also possible to obtain a mirror or matte (matte) surface by mechanical means.

(2) Anodizing: the profile pretreated on the surface, under certain technological conditions, the surface of the substrate undergoes anodizing, forming a dense, porous, and strong-absorbing aluminum oxide film.

(3) Pore sealing: The pores of the porous oxide film formed after anodizing are closed to enhance the anti-pollution, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the oxide film. The oxide film is colorless and transparent, taking advantage of the strong adsorption of the oxide film before sealing. Some metal salts are adsorbed and deposited in the film pores, making the profile appearance appear in many colors other than the original color (silver white), such as black, bronze, Golden yellow, and stainless steel color.

Design is our soul. We always give more options to the client to let the client choose the best one.

Option 1: Aluminum None Thermal Break Swing Window.

Aluminum None thermal break designs are more economical.

As you can see in this photo, the none thermal break is aluminum only.

The advantage of this design is the strength of the window and its affordability.

Aluminum Swing Window

As you can see in the photo, this is our project in Lagos, Nigeria. The window makes the building much more beautiful and robust.

The Arc structure on the window top part makes it classic.

Aluminum Swing Window

Option 2: Aluminum thermal break swing window

Aluminum Swing Window

The aluminum thermal break design is popular in the USA, Canada, and Europe. As these photos show, the thermal break nylon plastic in the middle divides the aluminum frame into two layers. One layer faces the outside room, and the other layer faces the inside room.

This design improves the heat-cold insulation and enhances the sound insulation.

Option 3 :Aluminum swing window + Aluminum bar+titled for

Aluminum Swing Window

Option 4: aluminum wood window

Most for luxury houses, high-end projects, and hotels, aluminum wood swing wood is one of the highest-quality choices. As this photo showed, it has two faces, and the first face inside the room is made of wood, which can be selected from oak, pine, basswood, and maple.

Aluminum Swing Window

Option 5: Aluminum swing + waterproof corner

When it comes to high-quality aluminum swing windows, the corner is essential. We make some special corner designs to make it visually appealing and waterproof.

Aluminum Swing Window

Some Project Photos

Aluminum Swing Window
Aluminum Swing Window
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