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Aluminum Slim Window

Aluminum Slim Windowq
Aluminum Slim Window
Aluminum Slim Window


  1. Glass: Tempered
  2. Style: Sliding/Fixed
  3. Waterproof: Yes
  4. Leaf:1/2/3/4
  5. Color: Black/White
  6. Certificate: CE
  7. Frame: Slim
  8. Surface: Powder coating
  9. Grade:6063
  10. Size: Customized

Processing Of Manufacturing

The ST999 Aluminum slim window is one of our modern windows, the window width is very narrow when viewed from the outside, and the light transmittance exceeds 95%.

The window can be made slider or fixed. The surface is colored by powder coating. It is resistant to scratches and does not fade for a long time.

How to install hardware?

  1. Installation hardware
  2. Lock-wearing strip (two choices: aluminium alloy strip and nylon)
  3. Special nylon connecting rod drive
  4. Installation of Angle Turner
  5. Install the handle
  6. Installation of anti-misoperation device
  7. Debug actuator
  8. Install hinge
  9. Assemble hinge

More Details

The window frame profile has the below different styles:

  1. 6063-T5 high quality thermal break aluminium profiles
  2. 6063-T5 high quality non-thermal break aluminium profile
  3. Wooden Clad aluminium profiles
  4. Oak,Teak and Pine Timber wood profiles
  5. PVC/UPVC profiles

The visible size of the aluminum frame is 15mm, and it is our new design that includes a sliding system and swing system.
A Slime frame is typical for the inside of the room, like a closet.

Aluminum Slim Window

For your project, slim design windows can be used as a partition to divide the space from Kitchen and bathroom. Because it is none bottom rail design, it has a smooth sliding and is easy to clean.

Aluminum Slim Window

Slim swing door is trendy for bathroom door. Work with frosted glass will be perfect.

Aluminum Slim Window

The glass can be replaced by wood or stone board sheet. This is more popular for office door and inside room door.

Aluminum Slim Window
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