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Aluminum Sliding Window

Aluminum Sliding Windows
Aluminum Sliding Windows
Aluminum Sliding Windows


  1. Size: Customized
  2. Color: Any color
  3. Windproof: Yes
  4. Glass: SGP Glass
  5. U-value: 1.8
  6. Surface: Powder coating/Anodized
  7. Hardware: Premium Quality
  8. Location: Residential, Commercial
  9. Soundproof: Yes
  10. Certificate: ISO

Manufacturing Process

ST69 sliding aluminum window has SGP glass with customizable color and size depending on your design. They can be used for houses, townhouses, apartments and condominiums. The hardware used is top quality (European or Asian), making the window very strong and stable. Based on our customers’ feedback, surface treatment of Sainty is second to none making the window structurally strong and physically appealing.

How to install the horizontal and vertical frame?

  1. Connect the inner frame with special screws
  2. Connect the outer frame with pins
  3. Put sealant on the joint

Additional Information

The sliding window has dozens of advantages such as:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Beautiful Appearance
  3. Large window width
  4. Large glass block
  5. Wide field of view
  6. Brightness
  7. Convenient glass cleaning
  8. Flexible use
  9. Safety
  10. Reliability & Long Life
  11. Less Space Occupation
  12. Easy installation of screens
  13. Economical

Nowadays, sliding windows are among the top 3 most used windows. The disadvantage is that two windows cannot be opened at the same time, and the ventilation may be poor if low-quality sealing is used.

There are two types: 1.) left and right, 2.) up and down. Adopt a high-grade slide rail, gently push to open flexibly. Coupled with large pieces of glass, it increases the indoor lighting and improves the overall shape and look of the house/building. The sash is in good condition and is not easily damaged.

Aluminum Sliding Windows also have good ventilation, sealing, excellent sound insulation, thermal insulation and impermeability. It is convenient to clean the window when it is inside; it does not take up space when opened to the outside. Remember that it is not suitable to use screens and curtains when opening windows if the quality is not good, since rainwater may easily leak into your house.

Stainless Rail to Ensure Smooth & High Quality Sliding

All our sliding windows have an aluminum bottom rail with top stainless rail. This design makes sliding easier, smoother and less noisy.

Aluminum Sliding Windows

Option 1: Arched Grid Aluminum For Sliding Window

Same as the photo at the bottom, the Arched grid in the glass works well with the arched window frame.

Aluminum Sliding Window
Aluminum Sliding Window

Option 2: Sash Window With Sliding

In the American market, this sash window is super popular. It slides from the vertical direction and has a grid inside of the double glass.

Aluminum Sliding Window

Option 3: siding window+screen

This is an excellent option for North America and countries with harsh climates and aggressive temperature fluctuations. Thermal break aluminum sliding window has high-level performance, quality heat, sound, wind insulation.

Aluminium Sliding Window
Aluminum Sliding Windows

Some Project Photos

Aluminum Sliding Window
Aluminum Sliding Window
Aluminum Sliding Window
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