Aluminum Sliding Door

Aluminum Sliding Doors
Aluminum Sliding Door
Aluminum Sliding Door
Aluminum Sliding Door


  1. Location: Residential, Commercial
  2. Surface: Powder coating/Anodized
  3. Certificate: CE(Europe)
  4. Windproof: Yes
  5. U-value: 1.2
  6. Glass: Tempered glass
  7. Hardware: Germany
  8. Style: Sliding
  9. Color: Black
  10. Size: Customized

Manufacturing Process

ST31 aluminum sliding door is a high-end door. The bottom rail is made of stainless steel. Beautiful appearance and durable. Very suitable for commercial and villa residences. The black atmosphere is elegant, light and fast. And there will be no noise.

The locking corner install

  1. Spread out for 24 hours before installation
  2. Installation of gasket
  3. Gluing at the Joint of the gasket
  4. Pressing with a gasket rolling tool
  5. Install glass gasket
  6. Use 45-degree scissors at the corner to keep the gasket (Not Cut)

Additional Information

Our company manufactures more than 5 million square meters of products for mid-to-high-rise communities, including casement windows, sliding windows, casement doors, curtain walls, and related screen windows and screen doors. We are now among the top 10 aluminum windows and doors manufacturers in the world.

Aluminum profile, thickness, strength and oxide film all adopt American ASTM standards. The wall thickness of the inelastic assembly structure of the window is above 1.4 mm, and the wall thickness of the inelastic assembly structure of the door is above 2.0 mm. The tensile strength should be 157 Newtons per square millimeter, the yield strength should be 108 Newtons per square millimeter, and the thickness of the oxide film should be more than 8 microns.

Option 1: None Thermal Break Aluminum Sliding Door

From the aluminum extrusion design, we can make the aluminum sliding door be either thermal break or none thermal break design.

None Thermal Break design is popular used inside the room, and it is more economical than the thermal break designs.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Door

Option 2: Thermal break Aluminum Sliding Door

Thermal break is more insulated and soundproof. It works with double glass, and Triple glass making it second to no other model in the market. U-Value can be 1.4, and STB can be 36. For sliding doors, it is a very high value.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Door
Heavy Duty Aluminum Door

Option 3: Heavy Big Frame Aluminum Sliding Door

In residential and high-level commercial projects, the famous one is the heavy big frame aluminum sliding door. The separate panel can be 2.6 meters, so the tow panel will be 5.2 meters long enough to replace the front wall.

Due to its heavy weight and premium hardware from Italy, it will easily last for over 30years without any problems.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Door

Option 4: Slim Frame Aluminum Sliding Door

Slim frame sliding door is more popular inside of the room because of the slime design and brightness.

Because we don’t have the threshold, it is easier to clean and simpler to go in and out.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Door

Option 5: Waterproof and Sand Proof Aluminum Sliding Door

As you can see, our project in the Maldives was designed to be waterproof and sandproof.

Because they want sliding door takes more space in the villa and keep waterproof enough to minimize the risk of damage through unexpected storms.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Door
Heavy Duty Aluminum Door

Option 6: Stainless Rail to Make More Easy Sliding

All our sliding doors have this design. It is an aluminum bottom rail with top stainless rail. This design will make sliding easier, smoother and less noisy.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Door
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