Aluminum Shutter Door

Aluminum Shutter Door
Aluminum Shutter Door
Aluminum Shutter Door
Aluminum Shutter Door


  1. Application: Residential, Commercial
  2. Surface: Powder coating white
  3. Open type: Swing
  4. Function: Soundproof, Daylight , Waterproof
  5. Grade: aluminum 6000 series
  6. Thickness: 1.2~2.0mm
  7. Size and Color: Customized

Product Advantages

New Pattern Customizable Aluminum Louvred Bi-Fold Doors

When designing aluminum doors and windows, our company’s designers choose the standard window type as much as possible according to the different needs of the project to facilitate the design, production, construction and reduce the product cost. At the same time, the window type design should consider different regions, environments, and building types and meet the physical performance requirements of door and window wind pressure resistance, water tightness, ventilation, and insulation performance.

Main Features

  1. Powder coating supports Anti-corrosion in the wet, salt spray, acid rain, corrosion, mildew, not insects.
  2. The shape and size are stable, not loose, no deformation.
  3. With self-flame retardant, will not burn.
  4. Beautiful appearance, strong texture, rich colors, easy to scrub clean.
  5. Using lightweight and flexible impact resistance, no sound when the switch.
  6. Basically no maintenance, no paint, low cost of use.
  7. Watertightness is much better than steel, wooden doors and windows, generally higher than their 2-3 levels.

Option 1: Air Conditioner Fence

Aluminum Shutters is popular to used for window, doors and in some high rising building, Aluminum shutters can be fixed on the wall to protect the air conditioner motor.

Aluminum Shutter Door

Option 2: In-Privacy Door as Blind

Besides, you can put the aluminum shutters in the glass of the door.

To make the Privacy door, the aluminum shutters can be removed by magnetic force.

Aluminum Shutter Door

Option 3: Balcony Shutters

If you want more special aluminum shutters, this one is a great choice. As you can see in our project in the Netherlands, we can also make the Horizontal aluminum shutters with wood aluminum colors. It will make your house more warm and sweet. It means if the client wants, we can design the special aluminum shutters based on your project needs.

Aluminum Shutter Door
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