Aluminum Shopfront Door

Aluminum Shopfront Door
Aluminum Shopfront Door
Aluminum Shopfront Door
Aluminum Shopfront Door


  1. Color: Customized
  2. Glass: Tempered
  3. Certificate: CE
  4. Style: Swing/Sliding
  5. Color: Black
  6. Windproof: Yes
  7. Application: Residential, Commercial
  8. Material: Aluminum
  9. Hardware: Top Quality Brand
  10. Size: Customized

Manufacturing Process

ST611 is a storefront door that we export to the United States—used at the entrance of shopping malls and supermarkets. With infrared recognition automatic opening and closing function. Not only can it be made into sliding doors, and it can be made into a swing door style. More flexible and convenient. Bring a new experience to your store.


KFC door is a kind of door. It is mainly used in hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, banks, coffee shops, exhibition halls, fast food restaurants and other places. Both inner and outer doors can be installed and used. It can effectively function as temperature insulation, dust prevention, sand prevention, noise reduction, sound insulation, and shielding. Structure: KFC door is mainly composed of the door frame, door leaf, door glass, big handle, big hinge, door closer, etc. The door type can be installed indoors and outdoors. Each door has two doors, the left door and the right door. The thickness of the door leaf is 40-60mm. The frame on one side of the door leaf and the door frame are connected by a large hinge, the door frame on the other side of the door leaf is equipped with a flip-type upper and lower latch, and door closer is installed on one side of the cross beam at the top of the door leaf to connect with the door frame. The large hinge of the door adopts the bottom bolt-tightening method, which is beautiful and durable. The middle part of the door leaf can be added with horizontal bracing, which is beautiful and convenient for pedestrians to enter and exit. The door leaf glass is tempered glass, and the door body is equipped with a stainless steel handle, which is beautiful and convenient for pedestrians. Windproof sand brushes and rubber strips are installed around the door leaf to ensure the sealing performance of the door body.

Material Part

  • The outer frame of the door leaf is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles.
  • The surface is electrophoresed.
  • The color is optional.
  • The door glass is made of 5-10mm tempered glass.

USA Project

Aluminum Shopfront Door
Aluminum Shopfront Door
Aluminum Shopfront Door
Sainty Certifications
Sainty Canada