Aluminum Office Door

Aluminum Office Door
Aluminum Office Door
Aluminum Office Door


  1. Application: Residential, Commercial
  2. Surface: Powder coating black
  3. Open type: Swing
  4. Glass type: Double Tempered Glass
  5. Style: Modern Simple
  6. Grade: aluminum 6063 T5
  7. Thickness: 1.2~2.0mm

Product Advantages


1) Long life span (+25 years), various color options.
2) Durable, no deformation, no crack after long-time usage.
3) High-Security, can be closed and locked firmly.
4) Easy to install, with very nice appearance.
5) Great fit for different rooms, with wide field of vision.
6) Surface treatment: Anode Anodizing, Electrophoresis Coating, Powder Coating, Fluorocarbon Coating, PVDF Painting, Break-Bridge and Heat Insulation, Film Attaching.
7) Accessory system: High quality accessories achieved American and European standard.

Option1:Aluminum Swing Office Door

Our aluminum office doors are ideal for partitions of commercial and residential buildings.

As this photo showed, this is a classic swing door. This is one of our projects for the WEWORD company, which has over 500 offices all over the world.

Aluminum Office Door

Option 2: Aluminum Sliding Office Door

Aluminum sliding office doors can save space in offices. Therefore, in some offices, we recommend sliding doors, not swing doors.

And our aluminum sliding door office is hung on the top rail, and it has a smoother sliding and is easy to clean the ground because it doesn’t have the threshold.

This is one photo of this sliding door.

Aluminum Office Door

Option 3: Glass Door Without Aluminum Frame

And make the door for glass panel door is also a good option. This is made of 12MM temper glass.

It also has a stainless pitch and lock, making it more economical.

Aluminum Office Door

Option 4: Top Soundproof Office Door

As the photo shows, we design the U chancel on the bottom door panel to fit the drop-down seal. The bottom with the gasket will press on the bottom gap and keep the door more soundproof when you close the door.

Aluminum Casement Door
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