Aluminum Interior Door

Aluminum Interior Door
Aluminum Interior Door
Aluminum Interior Door
Aluminum Interior Door


  1. Open style: Swing
  2. Material: Aluminum
  3. Color: Customized
  4. Application: Residential, Commercial
  5. Hardware: KINLONG
  6. Certificate: CE
  7. Door closer: Yes
  8. Leaf:1
  9. Size: Customized

Manufacturing Process

ST051 door is a silent door suitable for interior use. The door closer is installed on the top, and when you open and close, it will automatically close slowly. Give you a quiet space and comfortable use.


We use Iron Pallet or Wooden Pallet, which are stronger and more stable.

  • Step 1: Iron Pallet.
  • Step 2. Corners are protected by cardboard to avoid collision damage.
  • Step 3. Frames are wrapped with protective tapes to avoid scratching.
  • Step 4. Fix windows and doors on iron pallets by metal fixed strip.
  • Step 5. Reinforce windows & doors with plastic belts.
  • Step 6. PE films cover to keep the moisture away.
  • Step 7. Tie up iron pallets in the container with durable plastic belts.
  • Step 8. Fill the space between pallets with airbags to ensure stability.

The visible size of the aluminum frame is 15mm; it is our new design that includes a sliding system and swing system.

A Slim frame is typical for the inside of the room, like a closet.

Aluminum Interior Door

For some projects, a slim design can always be one partition to divide the spaces, like Kitchen and bathroom. Because it is none bottom rail design, so it is suitable for sliding and easy to clean.

Aluminum Interior Door

Slim swing door is very popular for bathroom doors. Work with frosted glass, and it will look fantastic.

Aluminum Interior Door

The glass can be replaced by wood or stone board sheet. This is also a popular option for office and interior doors.

Aluminum Interior Door
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