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Aluminum Grid Window

Aluminum Grid Window
Aluminum Grid Window
Aluminum Grid Window
Aluminum Grid Window


  1. Color: Black
  2. Waterproof: Yes
  3. Size: Customized
  4. Glass: Tempered glass
  5. Certificate: CE(Europe)
  6. Surface: Powder coating
  7. Hardware: Top Quality / Germany
  8. Material: Aluminum
  9. Style: Grid sliding
  10. U-value: 1.2

Processing Of Manufacturing

ST79 is the grid-style window that is popular in the USA, Canada and Europe. 5+12A+5 Double-layer tempered glass can ensure heat insulation and sound insulation. Gives you a quiet and warm indoor environment.

Based on our customers’ feedback, surface treatment of Sainty is second to none making the window structurally strong and physically appealing.

How we install the locking corner?

  1. Locking corner install
  2. Wing arm part is installed with locking angle code (corner code is glued)
  3. Lock with a plum wrench
  4. Silicone injection and cleaning
  5. Silicone injection for horizontal and vertical frames
  6. Silicone injection of angle steel sheet

More Details


Reduce heat conduction: adopt heat-insulation bridge-breaking aluminum alloy profile, its thermal conductivity coefficient is 1.8 ~ 3.5W / ㎡ · k, which is much lower than ordinary 140 ~ 170W / ㎡ · k; adopt hollow glass structure, its thermal conductivity coefficient is 2.0 ~ 3.59W / m2 · k is much lower than ordinary aluminum alloy profiles 6.69 ~ 6.84W / ㎡ · k, which effectively reduces the heat conducted through the doors and windows.

It has excellent noise and sound insulation. The structure has been carefully designed, and the joints are tight. The test results show that the sound insulation of the air reaches 30-40db. It can ensure that the residents within 50 meters on both sides of the highway are not disturbed by noise.

Grid On The Glass

Below are a few photos from one of our projects in the U.K.

To satisfy clients’ top-level requirements, Our team redesigned the whole aluminum grid window to keep the visible million frame width of only 57.2mm to match the 100-year-old building style.

As the below photos show, this is a 2.5-meter height Aluminium tilt and turn window, so each panel weight is over 80kgs.

In this case, we choose Germany Hardware which has a bearing of 100kgs.

Aluminum Grid Window

Grid Glass Inside Of Glass

Sometimes, We need to put the grid in the middle of the glass. This will make it easier to clear the glass and the grid.

Aluminum Grid Window

Arched Grid in the glass

Same as this photo shows, the Arched grid in the glass works well with the arched window frame.

Many of our projects use a significant number of this window for their projects.

Aluminum Grid Window

The grid is suggested for some big size windows because the grid can make the whole big window seem not so big and make the building more rural style. You can check this photo from one of our projects.

Aluminum Grid Window

Wood Grid

In some houses and buildings, wood aluminum window with the grid is popular. Like these photos showed, in our project in Doha, Qatar, the client chose this design for the place.

This is a very high-quality window, and all hardwares used are from Germany.

Aluminum Grid Window
Aluminum Grid Window
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