Aluminum Front Door

Aluminum Front Door
Aluminum Front Door
Aluminum Front Door


  1. Location: Residential, Commercial
  2. Surface: Powder coating/Anodized
  3. Certificate: CE(Europe)
  4. Windproof: Yes
  5. U-value: 1.2
  6. Glass: Lamination Glass
  7. Hardware: German / Premium Brands
  8. Style: Double opening Leaf
  9. Color: Grey or Customized
  10. Size: Customized

Manufacturing Process

1. ST24 double-leaf Aluminum Front door is a uniquely designed door. Usually used in offices and hotels. The unique design attracts many customers to come to consult. The glass can be double-layer tempered glass or laminated glass.

2. The locking corner install

1)Spread out for 24 hours before installation

2)Installation of gasket

3)Gluing at the Joint of the gasket

4)Pressing with a gasket rolling tool

5)Install glass gasket

6)Use 45-degree scissors at the corner to keep the gasket safe (not cut)

More Details

Main advantages:

For doors and windows used in high-rises, especially in the Asian market with temperatures ranging from -10 degrees to +40 degrees, we purchase independent outer frame designs to enhance high-rise buildings’ waterproof and windproof performance. Our company can provide overseas installation services for doors, windows and curtain walls and offer a +25-year waterproof guarantee for the products we install.

Colorful colors: After anodizing, powder spraying and fluorocarbon spraying, surface treatment can produce aluminum profiles of different colors. After rolling combination, the insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows can produce two-colour windows with different colors for indoor and outdoor.

There are many opening modes, comfortable and durable. There are swing type, inward tilt-type, overhang type, push-pull type, swing and inclination and compound type, etc.

Applicable to public buildings, residential quarters and municipal projects;

The high-quality hardware accessories are durable, the humanized design of the operating handle, beautiful and comfortable, easy and flexible to open, each user action has been tested, the fatigue test times are more than tens of thousands of times, the sliding is easy and silent, the mature and perfect door and window processing technology Precise program control processing center for production, the quality is stable and guaranteed.

Designs for Aluminum Front door

Option 1 : Shopfront Door with Double Leafs and Single Leaf, with Hidden Closer

Slim Frame Door

Option 2: Residential Aluminum Front Door

As this photo shows, we design this aluminum front door as the residential front door.

It is double glass with a grid and pattern inside. The electronic lock is more convenient.

And in the middle panel, we fit the thermal break wool to increase the soundproof.

Aluminum Casement Door

Option 3: Residential Aluminum Front door+ Drop Down Seal 

As the photo shows, we design the U chancel on the door panel bottom to fit the drop-down seal. The bottom with the gasket will press on the bottom gap and keep the door more soundproof when you close the door.

This design can be used for all residential and commercial projects. 

And it also can be for the office front door because it is important to keep soundproof in the office.

Aluminum Casement Door
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