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Aluminum Folding Window

Aluminum Folding Window
Aluminum Folding Window
Aluminum Folding Window


  1. Color: Customized
  2. Style: Bi-folding
  3. Size: Customized
  4. Location: Residential, Commercial
  5. Certificate: CE(Europe)
  6. Surface: Powder coating/Polish
  7. Hardware: KINLONG
  8. Material: Aluminum
  9. Glass: Tempered
  10. U-value: 1.2

Processing Of Manufacturing

ST71 is our main folding window. Its frame is solid and heavy. The glass is double-layer tempered, which can effectively improve sound and heat insulation. And the accessories use top Chinese brands. It is very suitable for installation on a balcony and sunrooms.

How to assemble the window ?


  1. Select the profile correctly by bar code number
  2. Cut the protective film before setting corner
  3. Silicone put in the extrusion section

Additional Information

  • Can produce oxidized series, including silver oxide white, oxidized champagne (champagne can be divided into No. 1 to No. 5 color from dark to light), oxidized black, oxidized bronze, oxidized golden.
  • Can produce spraying series, the quality can be guaranteed for more than 25 years without discoloration, the color includes all RAL corresponding colors, and various metal powders.
  • Can produce brushed series, including black oxide wire drawing, silver oxide white wire drawing, blue oxide, golden oxide and other wire drawings.
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