Aluminum Folding Door

Aluminum Folding Door
Aluminum Folding Door
Aluminum Folding Door
Aluminum Folding Door


  1. Color: Customized
  2. Style: Bi-folding
  3. Size: Customized
  4. Application: Residential, Commercial
  5. Certificate: CSA
  6. Surface: Powder coating/Brush
  7. Hardware: KINLONG
  8. Material Aluminum
  9. Glass: Laminated
  10. U-value: 1.2

Processing Of Manufacturing

ST41 is our main folding door, with a thermal break frame, which is unbeatable when it comes to heat and sound insulation. When fully opened, it can effectively expand the air transport space. It is great for all residential and commercial. The Size and color can be customized according to your requirements. All hardware and accessories are from top brands with the highest quality, such as the German brand, SIEGENIA. Our customers have the options to choose the brand for their hardware and accessories.

The product features a fashionable design among Western countries, and the mainframe can be selected from either 60mm or 90mm. The single door’s width is 60-70cm, with 4-10 doors in a set.

How we inject silicone in the corners?

  1. Silicone inflow inside the corner till full enough
  2. Injection of two-component silicone
  3. Check the size and marking of the horizontal and vertical frame

Additional Information

The raw materials of window and door frame:

The main process of aluminum rod production is:

(1) Ingredients: According to the specific alloy grade to be produced, calculate the additional amount of various alloy components and reasonably match various raw materials.

(2) Smelting: The prepared raw materials are added to the melting furnace for melting according to the process requirements. The debris and gas in the melt are effectively removed through degassing and slag refining.

(3) Casting: Under certain casting process conditions, the molten aluminum liquid is cooled and cast into round casting rods of various specifications through a deep well casting system.

Option 1: Offset Open the Aluminum Folding Door

We usually make the aluminum folding door offset open for these types of projects to have more space. The separate panel width is not more than 0.9 meters.

Aluminum Folding Door

Option 2: Big Size Aluminum Folding Door

For entrance doors, we usually make them in bigger sizes, approximately over 6 meters in width. It is better to open two sides to make it more convenient.

Aluminum Folding Door
Aluminum Folding Door

Option 3: Simple Aluminum Folding Door

Our designers recommend a simple aluminum folding door for many residential projects, especially for kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. These are kinds of dividers and partitions to separate the space conveniently for your comfort.

Aluminum Folding Door

Option 4: On Corner Folding Door

In many commercial projects, such as restaurants, in order to make the corners open, we make the aluminum door as big as possible for brightness and for the railing to go through the corners.

Aluminum Folding Door
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