Aluminum Entrance Door

Aluminum Entrance Door
Aluminum Entrance Door
Aluminum Entrance Door
Aluminum Entrance Door


  1. Model: ST011
  2. Material: Aluminum
  3. Application: Residential, Commercial
  4. Leaf: 2
  5. Color: Black/Wood or Customized
  6. Certificate: NFRC
  7. Hardware: KINLONG
  8. Open style: Sliding
  9. Size: Customized

Manufacturing Process

The door model is ST011, the material is aluminum, and it is suitable for the entrance. It is designed as two sliding leaves; the accessories used are the top brand. The warranty is over 25 years.

Certified by NRFC, the aluminum sliding door has the following features:

  1. Designed with a 150mm wide aluminum frame, excellent heat and sound insulation are guaranteed.
  2. Single glass door leaf features a width of 2.0m, with a clear view to the outside.
  3. Stainless steel bottom track provides smooth sliding with ease.
  4. The door panel can be fixed in any position.
  5. The lattice made up of aluminum reinforcing bars can be constructed on the glass panel leaf according to customer requirements.

Additional Information

One-step Design and Produce

We can customize aluminum profile units to cater to your specific needs. Our products have wide applications in shopping malls, hotels, villas, apartments, offices or hospitals. One-step shopping of our quality products can help you save time and money a lot.

Sainty’s history begins in 1995, where we manufactured various aluminum profiles and accumulated extensive experiences in aluminum profiles production. We provide custom-made services to our customers to customize the dimensions, specifications and colors of the products, including aluminum doors, aluminum windows, aluminum partitions, aluminum curtain walls, and so on. These products are pre-fabricated in our factory into a complete unit consists of glass and various accessories to ensure rapid installation at your place. Besides, we provide a one-stop engineering construction service from the design to the production and installation phases.

1) Heavy and Strong Frame

The separate door leaf because of the big size of the frame and strong thickness.

In some case, if the client wants to make the door bulletproof then need input some steel plate.

Aluminum Entrance Door

So like this photo showed, not only the hinges, we designed 6 piece steel plate with screws holes and tapping. The plate can hold 120 Kgs at most and make the leave more steady.

Aluminum Entrance Door

Not only the strong plate to support.

We use a German CNC machine to mill the plate hole to flat enough.

So when you open the door, the flat surface will make the surface very nice.

Aluminum Entrance Door

Insulated and None-Insulated Design

We have two different designs

Option 1:

none-Insulated design, this is popular for some shopfront doors like my photo showed.

This is a popular door for the American market

Aluminum Entrance Door

Offset closer and hidden design; this is DORMA hardware from Germany.

But to make top quality, we produce the offset arm by ourselves, as the photos show.

Aluminum Entrance Door
Aluminum Entrance Door

Option 2: Insulated design door

When the temperature reaches less than -30 degrees in colder areas, we need a U-Value= 1.0 door.

We designed the top insulated door based on this requirement.

This door is suitable for Canada, America, Russia and other cold countries.

Aluminum Entrance Door
Aluminum Entrance Door
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