Aluminum Casement Door

Aluminum Casement Door
Aluminum Casement Door
Aluminum Casement Door
Aluminum Casement Door


  1. Location: Residential / Commercial
  2. Glass: Lamination Glass
  3. Certificate: CE(Europe)
  4. Windproof: Yes
  5. U-value: 1.2
  6. Surface: Powder coating/Anodized
  7. Gasket: EPDM
  8. Windproof rating Level 7(13.9-17.1m/s )
  9. Air Leakage <0.4cfm/ft
  10. Size and Color: Customized

Manufacturing Process

ST22 Aluminum casement window is a popular product, which is suitable for a home. Laminated glass is safe when broken. That’s why our windows have a strong performance in windproof and air leakage.

According to our customers’ feedback, surface treatment is one of our biggest advantages, and size can always be customized.

Machining On Aluminum Profiles:

1)Fix Aluminum Profiles

2)Select Knife and start machining

3)Dimension Checking To next step

More Details 

Waterproof test for Aluminum casement door

Waterproof function. The structured drainage system is designed using the principle of pressure balance, the slope design is sloped, and the drainage port is provided to ensure smooth drainage and good water tightness.

The structure is carefully designed, and the joints are tight. The test results show that the sound insulation of the air reaches 30-40db. It can ensure that the residents within 50 meters on both sides of the highway are not disturbed by noise.

Wind and sand resistance. The straight material of the inner frame adopts a hollow design, which has strong resistance to wind pressure deformation and a good anti-vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and residential houses. It can be designed with large-area windows and a large lighting area. The airtightness of this type of window is better than that of any aluminum or plastic window. It can ensure that the indoor window seals and floors in significant wind and sand areas are dust-free.

Sample Designs

Option 1: Shopfront aluminum casement door with double leafs and single leaf, with Automatically closed function.

Aluminum Casement Door

Option 2: Residential Aluminum Casement Door

As this photo shows, we design this aluminum casement door as the residential front door.

It is double glass with a grid and pattern inside. The electronic lock is more convenient.

And in the middle panel, we fit the thermal break wool to increase the soundproof.

Aluminum Casement Door

Option 3: Residential Aluminum Casement Door+ Drop Down Seal

As the photo shows, we design the U chancel on the door panel bottom to fit the drop-down seal. The bottom with the gasket will press on the bottom gap and keep the door more soundproof when you close the door.

This design can be used for all residential and commercial projects.

And it also can be for office door because it is important to keep soundproof in the office.

Aluminum Casement Door

And we also have others options like an aluminum slim frame door and an aluminum long frame door for your choice.

Aluminum Casement Door

The glass can be replaced by wood or stone board sheet. This is more popular for office door and inside room door.

Aluminum Casement Door
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