Aluminum Balcony Door

Aluminum Balcony Door
Aluminum Balcony Door
Aluminum Balcony Door
Aluminum Balcony Door


  1. Application: Residential, Commercial
  2. Surface: Powder coating black or Customized
  3. Open type: Sliding
  4. Glass type: Tempered hollow glass
  5. Function: Soundproof, Daylight , Waterproof
  6. Grade: aluminum 6000 series
  7. Thickness: 2.0mm

Product Advantages


  1. Long life span (+25 years)
  2. Various color options
  3. Durable, no deformation, no crack after long-time usage.
  4. Security can be closed and locked firmly.
  5. Easy to install, with a very nice appearance.
  6. Fit for different rooms, gives a broader vision
  7. Surface treatment: Anode Anodizing, Electrophoresis Coating, Powder Coating, Fluorocarbon Coating, PVDF Painting, Break-Bridge and Heat Insulation, Film Attaching.
  8. Accessory system: High-quality accessories achieved American and European standards.

Project Story

1) Italian Hardware

This is one of our projects in Hawaii. The balcony door has a big frame style; each frame is over 2.6 meters long. We use Gisella hardware from Italy for this project. All accessories are made of SS316 stainless.

Aluminum Balcony Door

2) Heavy Frame

Each frame’s weight is over 90 kgs. The heavy weight can keep the frame steady to stand on the frame even during harsh storms with powerful winds. With our framer, you will not hear any noise. And lift wheels of the hardware can stop the frame at any location when you want to stop it.

Aluminum Balcony Door

3) Wider View

Not only steady, but this kind of aluminum balcony door can also broaden your view, making it popular for luxury buildings with beautiful views. You can see the beautiful view without even opening the door.

4) Performance of this Project

From the aluminum extrusion design to make the Aluminum balcony door, We choose 150CM width as the frame. This is one of the biggest frames in all our designs.

But it is not enough. We choose double temper glass with LOW-E to ensure that it is soundproof and air resistant.

Aluminum Balcony Door
Aluminum Balcony Door

5) Plus the Aluminum Railing

To match the Aluminum balcony door, we also designed the railing, which is our main advantage. We are able to help customers with all their aluminum needs. Our team is pleased to design curtain walls, railing, fence, sunroom, and louvers to match your project.

Aluminum Balcony Door
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