About Us

Our Story

We started PENTARM GROUP with the goal of revolutionizing the construction industry. Our team of experts have over 40 years of experience in the world of business in various industries ranging from Manufacturing, Construction & Land Development to Medical and IT. The company was founded, managed, and operated by F&F Entrepreneurial Enterprise Corp., one of Canada’s leading entrepreneurial firms. PENTARM GROUP was started to work without any borders. Our international experience in over 42 countries allows us to connect, communicate, and work with people of all cultures without any difficulties. The construction industry is still very traditional in comparison to many other sectors. Our entrepreneurial background helped us to turn the frustration into inspiration. As a result, PENTARM GROUP started its work to revolutionize the construction industry and provide customers with exceptional customer service. Since day one, the company has been exponentially growing to become the Leading Customer-Centric Construction Holding in North America.

What Does Our Logo & PENTARM Mean?

The founders designed the logo themselves when they decided to start the company and firmly shook each other’s hands. Immediately, they thought of having an ARM as the symbol and logo of the company. It represents strength, hard work, and care for the community. The word PENT means five in Greek and reflects the fact that we need all five fingers to have a strong hand/arm. A system will only run perfectly if all components are performing their best. Therefore, PENTARM is a powerful team like an arm and always stands by the customer’s side. This is the message the logo and the brand carry.

About Us

Our Team

PENTARM GROUP has developed a diverse team that is loyal, committed and dedicated to the relentless pursuit of excellence – a team that loves to help LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE! We take a proactive approach in everything that we do. It allows us to simplify a very complex process and deliver extraordinary results through every phase in our businesses & projects. Initially, F&F Entrepreneurial Enterprise Corp founded PENTARM GROUP. Now, we have specialized teams of Customer Service, Marketing & Advertising, Sale, Operations, Business Development and etc. Our team includes professional business executives, project managers, marketing and sales professionals, customer service representatives, engineers, architects, interior designers and specialists for all of our products. We work with over 1000 trusted and loyal contractors and over 480 businesses who understand our goals and values.

About Us

Our Mission

Provide our customers with the highest level of quality of products/services at fair and market competitive prices by keeping four things in mind:

  • Understanding the Customer’s Needs
  • Timeliness of Project Deliverables
  • Paying Attention to Details
  • Exceptional Customer Service Before, Throughout & After the Project/Purchase
About Us

Why Choose PENTARM


We treat any project like it’s our own home. We always make sure that things are done correctly the first time— whether it is a service like New Constructions & Renovations or purchase of our products such as FBR Pools, Hot Tubs, or Aluminum.


We have a network of over 1000 trusted contractors and suppliers to ensure the highest quality materials and service delivery. Regardless of your project, be assured that we only use the best team and materials for all our projects. 


Our team comprises experienced and professional individuals who have extensive knowledge about our products and deliver excellent craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. You can just sit back and enjoy the whole process of conception, planning, and implementation.


Collaborate with industry-leading product specialists, interior designers and architects to ensure that your product/project is customized to fit your lifestyle and aesthetics.

Core Values

PENTARM GROUP is committed to conducting business in compliance with all applicable laws and in a manner that meets the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. We expect all of our directors, executive officers and employees, our subsidiaries, and our partners, including suppliers, subcontractors and agents, to conduct themselves in accordance with the legal and ethical standards of conduct we hold ourselves to. Our company’s core values are not just slogans – they are the foundation of all we endeavour, which ensures that all team members consistently align their actions, service and results with our organization’s spirit.

We take great pride in living out our value statements to the fullest with every project we are granted, and every day we are given to be leaders on a project site, at home with our families, and among peers in our communities.







About Us